Natural Weight Loss

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I’m Caroline Ashbourne

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I believe that nature designed you to be fit, healthy and strong. With the right nutrients, movement patterns and spiritual alignment, you will effortlessly become in tune with your authentic self.

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Natural Weight Loss

Mother nature designed the human body to thrive in the wild.

There is such a thing as a natural human diet. You probably guessed that it doesn’t include bread, cake and donuts.

Aligning with the elements of our ancestral diet helps us lose weight naturally and FAST! Eating real food is vital for good health. It doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming.

Movement is important to keep us fit, healthy and strong. But too much exercise can be detrimental. We are not designed for hours at the gym! So let’s cut that exercise time down to an absolute minimum and get it done!


I feel supported with the regular coaching I get from Caroline. She designed a programme for me, which is effective but doesn’t take too much time. I’m feeling way slimmer, stronger and more mobile now.

Carolyn Holland

Caroline has been a great source of encouragement and motivation with a vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise, she has personalised my exercise routine to suit me and is always there when I need her with a gentle and friendly push that I sometimes need.

My clothes did not fit and I was miserable, but now I am happy and no longer afraid of the camera

Lisa Morelli

Caroline helped me work through many issues I once thought were unchangeable. I would encourage anyone who is looking to make positive change in their lives to connect with Caroline. With her help, I have adopted a very realistic way to eat and exercise.

Dan Tatro

What Is our Natural Way of Eating?

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that our current ways of eating are making us fat and sick. Obesity, diabetes type 2 and many chronic diseases have risen dramatically over the past 40 years. This was when we started eating far more refined carbohydrates and lowering saturated fat content. The research advising us to do this is now being shown to be flawed.

Many people have transformed their health and even reversed conditions such as diabetes type 2 by reducing the amount of carbohydrates they eat, and increasing their intake of healthy fats. When this is done right, it can radically change people’s health, vitality and appearance.

This makes sense when you consider that things like pastries, bread, potatoes and pasta weren’t around before agriculture (10,000 years ago). Considering we have been around a few million years, getting closer to our natural diet is likely to be better for our bodies and hormone balance, making us feel better and reach our ideal weight.

Carbohydrates raise blood sugar, as does sugar added to food and drink. Insulin helps take the sugar out of the bloodstream and store it elsewhere…. as FAT!

Eating natural foods is a healthy way to lose weight naturally and sustainably, keeping the weight off.

Why is Natural Movement Important?

Our bodies are not designed to sit still all day. We keep toned and strong when we incorporate more movement into our daily lives.

This doesn’t mean running on a treadmill for an hour a day, or doing 6 aerobics classes a week.

Too much exercise can cause weakness, injury, stress and burnout. No one wants that.

Low level exercise such as daily walking, occasional high intensity exercise and some resistance training are the ideal combination, when done correctly. It is important to prepare the body properly and guage when to increase intensity, to avoid injury.

Being outdoors as much as possible helps us connect with nature, particularly if we have access to wild places. This is important for your mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation and mindfulness are natural ways to create peace and harmony with your inner self. Not only will you feel better, but this has also been shown to aid weight loss. The stress hormone (cortisol) can make the body hold onto excess weight, so elevated levels over time can make it very difficult to lose weight.

How I can help you

Caroline Ashbourne has always been fascinated with how humans lived in nature, before modern agricultural practices took over. How did we eat naturally? What kept us fit and strong? Why do so many people gain so much weight when they live in the modern world?

During her years of scientific research as a Conservation Biologist, Caroline investigated the natural diets of animals in the wild and the implications of feeding the wrong foods in captivity. This led her to question many aspects of the modern human diet. Caroline couldn’t help but wonder whether obesity and chronic disease are just a consequence of eating an unnatural diet.

Her many years living close to nature, with no electricity, running water or any other modern comforts; provided a deep, personal understanding of our spiritual connection to the earth as our natural home.

But after a decade of working at a desk, Caroline found that her own weight had gotten out of control and her fitness lagged. Feeling tired and middle aged she decided to do something about it, then help others do the same.

Caroline became a certified Primal Health Coach, studying ancestral human diets, positioning her perfectly to help people reconnect with more natural ways of living and eating.

As a certified personal trainer specialising in obesity and diabetes management, she is fully qualified to help people make the necessary changes that make the biggest impact to their health and fitness.

Caroline created the movement Wild Body Reset, which helps people around the world who are struggling with their health and fitness, because they have become disconnected from their source and true nature.

She has devoted her life to transformation, motivation, and helping others reach their true potential.

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