Caroline Ashbourne

Rock Your Body, Passion & Vitality into Mid-Life & Beyond

Blending nutrition, movement & energy healing to powerfully shift into your ideal future Self

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Sometimes all we need is that extra motivation and accountability that comes from working with a coach… especially one who has been where you are and knows the struggles you’re facing.

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Caroline Ashbourne is a mid-life health and nutrition coach, empowering women to reclaim their sexual vitality, lose weight and feel younger every day.

Her extraordinary blend of science and energy healing, along with an innate deep perception of the human psyche, make the perfect combination to shift peoples’ realities, so they can take charge of their lives and truly feel like a Goddess.

Caroline has a strong scientific background, as a Conservation Biologist researcher for Oxford University and Gerald Durrell’s Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust. Her own personal body transformation, dropping 4 dress sizes, inspired Caroline to study nutrition and fitness, so she could help others on their journey.

As a personal trainer specializing in obesity and diabetes management, and a fully qualified nutrition coach, Caroline is well placed to help her clients navigate their journey to better health.

She has always been drawn to nature and spent several years in southern Ireland, without electricity or running water, living a very basic lifestyle. This was a time of spiritual and personal development, when she learned different forms of meditation and energy healing techniques. It is also where Caroline gave birth to her son.